Created in collaboration with Douglas Karlsson, Malin Lilja and Paul van Sommeren
This was a research project with the goal of finding interactions for future autonomous car interiors based on four given interaction points/screen positions. The limits were set on Level 4 autonomous cars. 
A wide human centered design approach was taken, with a survey and several use tests performed in physical mockups with different levels of context detail and fidelity. The idea was that different fidelity levels would produce different type of results.
For sorting and analysing the data from the user tests, the KJ-method (an affinity diagram) was used. 
For ideation several tools like brainstorming, how to-sessions and morphological matrixes was used. 
 A SCRUM framework was used in order to steer the daily project work and increase momentum and productivity.
Based on the projects findings, several concepts and interaction patterns was created together with a new type of car interior, designed specifically for a future autonomous environment.
Due to terms of confidentiality, none of the researchs findings will be presented on this site.
User test 1 - What functions will people need in an autonomous car?
User test 2 - How will people interact with an autonomous cars interface?
User test 3 - what interaction methods works best for autonomous cars?
Final concept
Concept video
UI examples
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