The scope of this case study was to design a work space lamp for the office with metals as a main build material. Being a fairly wide scope, some design goals was set to target the development.
As a starting point, the goal was set to be a luminaire providing with general lighting. It was specifically targeting pendants and lighting in spaces for displays - showrooms, public entrances or exclusive conference rooms. The reason for choosing a target like this was to push and try to find inspiration for creating something where the aesthetics and expression was ranked of equal or higher importance than factors like functionality or efficiency.
Ideation sketches
proof of concept
The chosen concept builds on the same technique used by for example BMW in their laser headlights. Directed lasers are used to bring energy to phosphorous plates, producing a bright white light. As a proof of concept, please see this demonstration; BMW Laser Headlight Demonstration
Developing the shape of the prisms
Developing the frame and drivers
Final concept
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